Products & Services

Avimain Services Engineering focuses on areas where functionality, hygiene, and presentation are of utmost importance.

In addition to Avimains own products and service, there are a number of partners Avimain whose products are implemented into projects to make sure that a reliable and functional piece of machinery is supplied to the customer. These products come from various partners, mainly including SEW Eurodrive, Weise Germany, Rapat, Paterson Belting and UniMig, who provide a vast range of quality supplies from Gearboxes to conveying belts and buckets.

With the combination of these examples of equipment and custom built solutions to manufacturing and engineering problem, an often simple but effective resolution is reached for a customer, providing them with the means to further their productivity. As it is important for Avimain to keep to this standard, we only implement professional grade products into our systems to guarantee functioning and sustainable end result.

Elevating Conveyors

Avimain Services is provide to supply Wiese continuous and pendulum buckets, along with Rapat Series F conveyors.

Horizontal Conveyors

We offer Rapat series C and CU conveyors, designed for permanent installations or dynamic unloading, respectively.

Modular Conveyor Casings

Avimain Services can assemble coveyor casisng to your desired lengths, constructed from mild steel of any colour or stainless steel. Casings can be either closed or open framed.

Rubber Chain

Rubber chain has some unique advantages over its metal counterparts, being link and vibration free, easily replaceable, abrasion proof, corrosion free, and resistant to almost all chemicals.

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