Elevating Conveyors


Wiese SEB Continuous Bucket

  • Horizontal-vertical and -horizontal conveying in a single elevator. Eliminates transfer points.
  • For decades this conveyor has worked in various branches of industry. The conveyed material is not scooped, but is gently fed by metering equipment.
  • The conveyed material remains spill free in buckets, without any movement, thus eliminating product damage.
  • The stability of the inter-connected buckets means that higher belt speeds are possible, so casing sizes are smaller than in standard elevators.

Wiese Brochure


Wiese P Pendulum Bucket

  • Suitable for almost every conveyed material
  • Line layouts for Pendulum Bucket Conveyor are numerous, with special designs like O or T available in addition to standard Z and C shapes.
  • Conveyors can lift or lower product, and can be designed to run in either direction.
  • Buckets are installed free swinging and can be dismounted and mounted at any place by hand without the need for tools.


Rapat Series F elevator

  • The series F conveyor is a cleated rubber belt incline conveyor, designed for gentle handling of bulk materials.

Rapat Series F Brochure

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