Modular Conveyor Casings

Casings can be assembled to your desired lengths

Casings can be built from mild steel in any colour or stainless steel, acid treated and passivated.

There are two Wiese casing types available:

  • Closed casings with inspection These keep dust and emissions contained.
  • Easy to clean casings, with the ability to completely remove the side panels in the horizontal sections. This provides quick, simple access for inspection and cleanout.

WIESE Open Frame "Hygienic" Casing

WIESE have developed an open design casing for specific industries requiring a more hygienic design than the traditional enclosed elevator casing. A framework of fully welded profiles replaces the standard closed folded metal case. This eliminates any dead spots and difficult to access areas within the elevator improving cleaning time and hygiene.

There are several options for guarding the open frame elevator including removable metal or polycarbonate covers fixed with casement fasteners.

Wiese Brochure


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