WIESE is your partner for top-notch, custom solutions for product and process-compliant conveyance  of your bulk materials. All our components are perfectly coordinated with each other.

For over 50  years, we have encountered a broad array of tasks from various industries and successfully risen to the challenge each time. For example, we have provided conveyor solutions for sensitive foodstuffs, chemical substances, and coarse-grained building materials. You benefit from this experience.

Despite the differences in product, many of the requirements can be reduced to a few, very effective basic conditions. This enables WIESE to offer you component technology with serial character, for creating an operation-ready design precisely tailored to your individual requirements. This translates into further benefits in terms of investment, delivery times, and retrofitting. In order to consistently meet the requirements and wishes of our customers, in parallel to your innovative production technologies, we constantly work to further develop our WIESE products and services with the aim of making them simple, reliable, and  effective.

Wiese Brouchure

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